LOYE Intelligent successfully built LOYE, an intelligent hardware brand with an annual revenue of over 100 million RMB


LOYE Intelligent successfully built LOYE, an intelligent hardware brand with an annual revenue of over 100 million yuan

In the early days of its establishment, the company chose to be a channel-oriented brand and successfully tapped the tablet category

The company was established in 2009. When it started, it was a manufacturing and processing factory company that did most of what it did as an OEM for related trading companies. The company team noticed that tablets on the market are usually 2~3 years old, and found that Amazon, Alibaba International, Global Sources, Tmall, JD.com, and Buchan ranked top in search, mainly priced at $80. Tablet PCs and unbranded two types that cost more than $10. Tablet PC reviews are usually about 4.5 stars (the highest rating is 5 stars), and generic tablet PCs from other brands have only 3 to 3.5 stars. The two are obviously not the most cost-effective choice. After the company team discovered the opportunity, it launched a general-purpose tablet computer product with a quality that was comparable to the original manufacturer and priced at 50 to 70 US dollars. It quickly harvested the first batch of users and earned the first pot of gold.

The company combines overseas market demand with China's strong supply chain resources to realize the process of brand building from 0 to 1.

Cross-border e-commerce often earns information gap, because there are a lot of market opportunities waiting to be tapped overseas. Finding a category with potential is tantamount to finding new business opportunities. From 2011 to 2012, the company looked for fast-growing categories on Amazon that did not yet have high-quality products, and then took advantage of China's supply chain production advantages to combine upstream high-quality products with its own brand Leyuan LOYE and put them on Amazon Sales, its own brand awareness and influence have also increased year by year.

Through continuous improvement and innovation, the company gradually builds a diversified brand matrix

Starting in 2019, the company's product sales performance is getting better and better, with revenue, profits, and growth, and conditions are able to make improvements in all aspects, make better products, and provide better services. In 2019, the company launched the first improved and explosive model. At that time, because Apple and Android had their own tablet computers, the sales price was too high, and the company created a new Ando system technology. At present, this technology has been updated to the third generation, supporting more than 96% of the response speed of electronic devices on the market and satisfying consumers' experience.

In 2019, the company found that consumers have both small and beautiful needs for tablet computers. Many women only bring a small bag when they go out. Therefore, they need tablet computers to be compact, exquisite, beautiful, and the shape and bright colors win , To create a real big hit. The portable and compact feature is very popular, and the total sales volume exceeds 1 million.

The company has gradually expanded from tablet computers and entered into categories such as educational robots, infrared thermometers, sphygmomanometers, etc., in each category, deep cultivation of brands and building a brand matrix. Through continuous improvement and innovation, the company can often achieve a new best-selling product to meet the new needs of users. Through the accumulation of micro-innovation and word-of-mouth explosives, the company establishes a relative competitive advantage, and then gradually improves its operations, marketing, and supply chain to make its products, services, and brands better, thereby building a multi-brand with brand power The matrix solves the problem of the life cycle of a single category of consumer electronics.

The company explores to build a global leading brand and opens up a broader space for growth. There are always restrictions on product improvement, and no matter how good an improved brand is, it is difficult to become a brand that will surprise the world. The company hopes that when consumers think of a certain category, the company brand LOYE will pop out of their minds. The company focuses on several areas for innovative research and development. In the future, it is hoped that the Leyuan LOYE brand can become the top ten in the global category, the target market, and become a leading brand that can truly let consumers blurt out.

The company adheres to the long-term principle and is committed to providing the best products on the entire network. The founder of the company, Lin Zhijian, said that the company does not want to make short-term money, but hopes to make a solid brand and products to generate long-term profits. The companys energy is mainly spent on products. An important indicator of monitoring is whether usersevaluations of the companys products are the highest on the entire network. The highest evaluation on the entire network means that users believe that the product is the best on the entire network. When the company continues to launch the best product, other things they want will follow.