Congratulations to our company for obtaining the "Leyuan" registered trademark issued by the State Intellectual Property Office


Our company has always focused on innovation. Software copyrights and trademarks are our company's valuable intangible assets, which embodies the wisdom and labor of producers and operators, and reflect the business results of the company. The registered trademark of "Leyuan" of our company is the state's recognition of our company's legal operation, the recognition of our company's product service quality and influence, and the protection of our company's intellectual property rights; it enriches our company's brand and maintains corporate reputation , To expand the influence of the company, will have positive significance, marking our company has achieved a milestone victory in brand building. Any unit or individual that operates the same service item of our company uses the relevant trademark without permission, which will constitute an act of infringing the exclusive right of our company's trademark, and our company reserves all rights to pursue its related responsibilities.

For an enterprise, the value of a trademark is like a gold mine invisible to the naked eye. Trademark is an important intellectual property. Only when the trademark registration is completed can it be protected by law, so as to protect one's own rights and interests from harm. At the same time, a trademark embodies the wisdom and labor of an enterprise, and is an intangible property. Once its value is displayed, it will be a killer for the enterprise to its competitors. Trademarks that have been successfully registered with the approval of relevant government departments cannot be imitated by any other enterprise. They are signs of identifying service enterprises. It is an important "weapon" for companies to open up markets and achieve sustainable development