Fighting The Epidemic, We Are In Action! ——Loye Shares


Since the start of the national "new coronavirus pneumonia" epidemic prevention and control war, many experts and enterprises of our association have successively canceled the Spring Festival vacation, actively invested in winning the epidemic prevention and control war, and fully played the role of technical support and material security. A strong sense of industry mission.

On March 9, Heyuan Loye  Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Loye  Co., Ltd., once again donated epidemic materials, worth 45450.00 yuan, to Heyuan New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Command Office.

If one side is in trouble, China and the United States and Germany will warm people's hearts. Each piece of protective materials embodies the goodwill and love of everyone, which shows that Loye  Industry maintains a sense of responsibility for society, strengthens local prevention and control, and protects the safety of society. Fully implement the epidemic prevention and control work, fight the epidemic as much as possible, and escort the physical and mental health of everyone in the society!