Warmly Welcome Li Zhenjie, Chairman Of The Norwegian Guangdong Chamber Of Commerce To Visit Loye


On May 5, Li Zhenjie, chairman of the Norwegian Guangdong Chamber of Commerce, who was entrusted by the Norwegian government to purchase anti-epidemic materials, came to Heyuan to inspect medical supplies manufacturers. Chairman Li visited Wanmeng Medical Insurance Co., Ltd., Heyuan Tianhui Glasses Co., Ltd., Heyuan Zunlong Clothing Technology Co., Ltd., Heyuan Loye  Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Heyuan Xiaoyi Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, the epidemic situation in China is basically under control, but it is still spreading and raging abroad. Now Norway is facing increasing pressure from the epidemic situation, but the local lack of epidemic prevention materials, the City Federation of Overseas Chinese pay close attention to the living conditions of overseas Chinese compatriots, at the same time, give full play to the role of bridges and bonds, take the initiative to match the bridge, hope that through the Norwegian Chinese and overseas Chinese, let the Norwegian government purchase epidemic prevention The order settled in Heyuan. Li Maohui, chairman of the Municipal Federation of Overseas Chinese Federation, said that the friendship between China and Norway has a long history. During the special difficult period when Norway responded to the epidemic, it strongly supported the procurement of anti-epidemic materials in Norway. I believe that with the joint efforts of the Norwegian government and people and the firm support of friendly countries such as China, Norway will surely win the final victory against the epidemic.

Chairman Li Zhenjie said that the production management of Heyuan medical supplies is strictly regulated, the product quality is good, and it complies with the procurement standards of the European Union. He hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, and thanks Heyuan City Overseas Chinese Federation and Heyuan City Commerce Bureau for their efficient assistance. At present, relevant manufacturers are actively docking. Li Maohui, Chairman of the Municipal Overseas Chinese Federation, and Zhou Jintai, Deputy Director of the Municipal Commerce Bureau accompanied the inspection.