Are Children's Educational Robot Toys?


Today, when intelligent robots are gradually becoming popular, Children's Educational Robot is no longer a new vocabulary. Related products with prices ranging from a few hundred yuan to thousands of yuan can be seen on the market. Singing and telling stories are the basic standard of these Children's Educational Robots.

In recent years, the population dominated by the post-70s and post-80s has become the backbone of the current society, especially the change in the social status of women, which has made more and more women uneasy to act as a "family cook" in the family. As a result, the educational problems of children's companionship have become increasingly prominent. However, as can be seen from the continuously expanding children’s education market and Children’s Educational Robot market in the past two years, parents are willing to contribute to the growth and education of their children and are more willing to accept the impact of new technology products as consumption power continues to upgrade. Child's growth.

There is a Children's Educational Robot at home to play with children, teach children to read and recognize words, sing to children, learn English, and tell stories... So the technological scenes that can be seen in the movie are now gradually coming into real life. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, all walks of life will show new product vitality under the influence of artificial intelligence technology. For the Children's Educational Robot market, artificial intelligence has very broad development prospects in this field.

However, a careful comparison shows that most of these Children's Educational Robots lack bright spots. There are too many homogenized products, and correspondingly, there are very few high-quality products that can be sought after by children, attract parents to take out wallets, and occupy large markets.

The most direct impression is that these Children's Educational Robots serving children as a target group look too ordinary, too toy-like, and are common toys that lack novelty. Singing and storytelling are common functions of early childhood education machines.

What kind of product can be called Children's Educational Robot, what is the difference between Children's Educational Robot and toys? When parents want to buy a Children's Educational Robot, how do they judge that it is really a playmate that can bring children up, rather than another low-end and boring toy wearing a robot coat.

At present, Children's Educational Robot on the market are facing a common problem, which is defined as toys. The biggest limitation of Children's Educational Robot is not the structure and technology, but the emotional interaction and content production and the self-learning ability of the robot.

For children, Children's Educational Robot is not only a simple toy, but also a partner for spiritual communication. Under the influence of a one-child mind, many families are now a child. In this way, whether the child is living and Learning will be affected to varying degrees. Psychologically, it will produce unique psychological pressure, so multiple intelligent partners may be a happy thing. Of course, if you want to enhance the interaction between robots and children, it takes a lot of effort in technological innovation. What can be seen is that many companies have made sufficient preparations for the improvement of interaction ability, and parents and children will have more choices.

Therefore, Children's Educational Robot should be a professional early childhood teacher, and has assembled a large number of teaching materials. There are also many robots that can tell stories, but there are fewer robots that can cultivate children's good habits through storytelling interaction. How to satisfy children and adults is a problem that Children's Educational Robot must solve.

Children's Educational Robot not only serves to accompany and educate children, but also builds a bridge of emotional connection between parents and children. If parents need to talk to their children, Children's Educational Robot connected to the Internet will be a good choice. Children will not have a sense of being watched at all times, and parents can communicate at any time.