Correct use of forehead temperature gun


1. Try to require the person to be measured to stay in the measurement environment for a long enough time, so that the heat transfer conditions of the person's surface are the same or similar. For example, at an airport, measurements should be taken 10 minutes after passengers arrive at the airport terminal. At this time, the ventilation and temperature conditions of the airport building are basically stable, and the external heat exchange conditions of the passenger's forehead are basically similar.


2. The measurement place should be indoors as far as possible, and avoid direct sunlight to the infrared radiation thermometer and the forehead of the person being measured.

It is necessary to accurately estimate the distance of the person being measured.

3. The temperature of a person's forehead is generally 1 to 3 degrees Celsius lower than the underarm temperature. At this time, the underarm temperature criterion for fever should be converted to forehead temperature.

Infrared ear thermometers measure ear temperature, which can be measured in less than 1 second. Since human eardrums and ear canals are less affected by external environmental conditions, infrared ear thermometers can accurately measure body temperature. Human ear temperature is generally 0.4 degrees Celsius higher than the armpit temperature. At this time, the indication value of the infrared ear thermometer should be converted from the criterion of underarm temperature of fever to the criterion of ear temperature.

5. To ensure the accuracy and stability of the infrared radiation thermometer, it should be calibrated and compared with the standard calibration device regularly.

6. There are two types of non-contact infrared radiation thermometers for industrial use and medical use. Medical infrared radiation thermometers should be used when measuring body temperature, because industrial use
7. Wide range, low resolution and large error.


8. The various thermometers in descending order of measurement accuracy are: medical thermometers, infrared ear thermometers, and body surface infrared radiation thermometers. From the perspective of SARS prevention, infrared ear thermometers are more accurate than body surface infrared radiation thermometers.