Haiping Column: Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control


At present, the momentum of the global pandemic of the new crown epidemic abroad has not been effectively contained. There have been multiple, sporadic, sporadic cases and sudden clusters of epidemics in many places in the country. Our city has also added 1 additional asymptomatic infections in the province of Laiwei, again. The prevention and control of the epidemic cannot be relaxed for a moment.

Some time ago, an old lady in Shenyang, who was lucky, irresponsible, and ignoring the epidemic prevention regulations, caused immeasurable losses. Epidemic prevention and control are not only health and epidemic prevention issues, but also moral and legal issues; strict compliance with epidemic prevention and control regulations is not only responsible for individuals, but also for society. In the face of the epidemic, everyone is a line of defense, everyone must have the awareness of epidemic prevention, and everyone must shoulder the responsibility of epidemic prevention.

Since last year, we have been united and all the people are soldiers, and we have fought a beautiful people's war against the epidemic. The results of prevention and control of mass prevention and control have been hard-won, and we must not let the results be lost because of personal paralysis. As the Spring Festival approaches, the flow of people and logistics will increase significantly, and gatherings and festivals will increase, further increasing the risk of epidemic transmission, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control will become more complicated and severe. The recent epidemics in Hebei, Heilongjiang, and Beijing were all triggered by gathering activities, and they sounded the alarm for us. Everyone must tighten the string of epidemic prevention, start from oneself, strengthen the awareness of self-protection, and strictly abide by the epidemic prevention requirements of "wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not get together, ventilate frequently, and kill frequently". The detection of this test reduces unnecessary travel, reduces organization and participation in gathering activities, reduces visits to relatives and friends, and stays in the local area for festivals as much as possible, so that the awareness of "prevention" is more active and conscious, and the "prevention" measures are more stringent. , More detailed.