LOYEF1 forehead thermometer, escort your health


The outbreak of the epidemic has made everyone pay much attention to their health and changes in their body temperature. Now, many parts of the country are strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic. The detection of body temperature is essential. What detector is used to detect body temperature? The traditional mercury thermometer is definitely not acceptable. The detection speed of mercury thermometer is slow and it is fragile. If it is accidentally broken during use, mercury spillage will be bad. The European Union has already issued a ban on mercury thermometers, requiring the use of mercury-containing batteries, thermometers, barometers and sphygmomanometers to be banned. Many countries have also banned mercury thermometers, and mercury thermometers have gradually withdrawn from the market.Therefore, the electronic forehead thermometer has become everyone's first choice. We can see many inspectors holding forehead thermometers in many public places to perform temperature inspections on entering personnel. Many people will ask, what brand of forehead thermometers are used by these inspectors?

After inquiring about the inspectors of some units, I learned that many institutions are using the Leyuan F1 medical non-contact infrared forehead thermometer. What are the advanced functions of the Leyuan F1 medical non-contact infrared forehead thermometer? Why is it sought after by everyone?

Leyuan F1 medical non-contact infrared forehead thermometer has become a very popular product since it was officially launched in China. Leyuan F1 has a high-tech super-smart sensor, which is twice the speed sensor of a traditional forehead thermometer. It can obtain an accurate body temperature in 2 seconds and accurately sense body temperature changes. The product is simple to use, accurate in testing, and can keep track of the subject's temperature data. At the same time, according to the body temperature, different colors will be displayed and recognized.

Leyuan F1 medical non-contact infrared forehead thermometer has no laser point, and its use time is very short (about one second). Infrared rays are relatively safe to the human body and do not need to touch the skin, so it is safe and reliable. Compared with other clinical thermometers, Leyuan F1 has the characteristics of convenient, simple, fast and accurate body temperature collection, which is very suitable for everyone to use.
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