The United Nations officially issued a warning that the world will welcome two major disasters in 2021


The United Nations officially issued a warning that the world will welcome two major disasters in 2021
According to the reference news network, in 2020, people’s attention was focused on the epidemic, but the United Nations officially issued a warning some time ago that the world will usher in two major disasters in 2021: first, the new crown epidemic; second, famine.
The epidemic has not completely disappeared in the world so far, and there may even be a new wave of rebound. To achieve vaccine vaccination on a global scale, this is a huge project, which is definitely not a year or a half. A task that can be completed.
The follow-up problems caused by the epidemic are also the focus of people's attention. Famine is one of them. Experts believe that 270 million people worldwide may fall into famine in 2021. Faced with the heavy warning issued by the United Nations, mankind must maintain a high degree of vigilance.
2020 is a very painful year for all mankind. People are living in an atmosphere of severe infectious diseases. Fortunately, some countries that have controlled the epidemic quickly and well, the main problem that needs to be faced is about the economy. decline.
But for some countries that have been struggling with the epidemic for a long time, the people in these countries have to face more difficulties. A temporary economic recession may not affect their lives, but long-term economic problems It will make their lives difficult. What is even more frightening is that they are still living in a virus-filled environment while suffering from no economic income, especially some people in some countries have always held an attitude of being indifferent to the virus, which makes many people who value the epidemic feel even more despair.
While everyone was still sighing about the suffering of 2020, the United Nations issued a heavy reminder that for some countries, the real suffering is not 2020, but 2021. There are two main disasters that people around the world need to face in 2021: First, the new crown epidemic. Second, famine. These two issues will become the focus of global attention in 2021, because they concern everyone in the world, so everyone must be vigilant about these two issues.
Some experts said that although the new crown epidemic has already had a very large-scale outbreak in 2020, especially at the end of the year, the outbreak trend in many countries seems to have reached its peak, but this is not the case. Like some countries with severe epidemics, it is very It is possible to usher in a new wave of epidemic impact in 2021, such as the United States. Because of the prolonged existence of the epidemic, many countries have been tired of fighting the epidemic, and even the economic recession of various countries has made them unable to bear such intense epidemic prevention work.
If we continue to prevent the epidemic, the country is likely to have serious social problems. If the economy is opened up, a large number of innocent people in the country will die because of the virus. This is a dilemma for governments of all countries. There may be many people wondering that the new crown vaccine has already come out. Let everyone get all vaccinated. Wouldn't the problem be solved? However, it is important to know that there are still differences between developed countries and developing countries on the issue of vaccine distribution, and the production capacity of vaccines is not enough to make them available to all people around the world at once. It is a long process to achieve everyone's vaccination. .
The famine problem is naturally brought about by the epidemic. In 2020, the number of people falling into famine in the world will be 135 million, but it is likely to surge to 270 million in 2021. First of all, people in some countries are unable to purchase food due to economic reasons. This makes their daily dietary problems fall into a dead end. They can only rely on the free food distributed by the government to maintain their lives, not to mention whether the food meets the principle of nutritional matching, whether it is enough or not. Food for these people as a family is still a problem. In addition, some countries have relied on foreign imports for many years to maintain domestic demand. However, many large producing countries have imposed restrictions on food exports for the sake of their own people. Therefore, people in these countries have to face Edible food.
In any case, compared with 2020, the world in 2021 will be more difficult to suffer. Therefore, for the warning issued by the United Nations this time, countries around the world must be vigilant and do not slack off easily, otherwise it may be more difficult.