How to choose and buy blood oxygen meter?What should blood oxygen meter pay attention to?


Although many people have been using oximeters for a long time, there are still some people who are not familiar with oximeters, so it is necessary to understand the most basic information of oximeters, such as the working principle, before buying them, so as to buy the most appropriate oximeters.So how to choose a blood oxygen meter?

How to choose and buy blood oxygen meter?

1. Some manufacturers' products have quality control liquid and test card, which are specially designed to check the accuracy of blood oxygen meter and test whether the blood oxygen meter works normally. Please pay attention to inquire when buying.

2. The size and clarity of the display screen, whether the battery is convenient to replace, whether the appearance is beautiful, how the size of the accuracy should first be clear, the current accuracy of blood oxygen meter for domestic use is not up to the diagnostic standard.

3. Check the warranty items and other after-sales services, and know the warranty period of the oximeter.

4. When choosing a blood oxygen meter, you should not only look at the price of the instrument, but also consider the cost of consumables.

What should pay attention to when choosing blood oxygen meter?

1. It is better to use the method of detecting the percentage of blood oxygen saturation to determine the current oxygen content of the human body. After all, as a quick and convenient measurement tool, the accuracy is still very important.

2. For workers at high altitude and people with respiratory disorders, finger oximeter with data transmission and preservation should be selected;In this category, data can be uploaded to the Internet for long-term storage and generate detailed blood oxygen change report, which is helpful for medical consultation and doctor's diagnosis.

As you can know from the above article, there are many precautions to be taken when using oximeters, and the same is true when buying them. It is very important to choose the appropriate oximeter, because the quality of oximeters will affect the monitoring results.In particular, it is better to choose a blood oxygen meter with recording function to analyze the change of blood oxygen concentration.