What kinds of blood oxygen apparatus are there?Which works best?


Used oximetry friends all know, oximetry can timely monitoring the blood oxygen condition in our body, judging from any potential risks, the effect is very good, so now a lot of office worker is using, oximetry currently on the market mainly refers to the clip-on, but more than these, so oximetry what kinds?

What kinds of blood oxygen apparatus are there?

At present, there are four kinds of oximeters on the market, namely, finger clip oximeter, palmtop oximeter, pulse oximeter and hand watch oximeter.Although these four types are different, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, people should choose the appropriate oximeter according to their own situation when purchasing.

Which is the best oxygen meter to use?

From the theoretical basis, pulse oximeter and finger oximeter are more lasting.Pulse oximeter adopts the theory of blood oxygen saturation, which is safe, non-invasive, convenient and accurate. These four aspects are the four aspects that patients are most concerned about.Nowadays, pulse oximeter has been widely used in many fields.Due to technological breakthroughs, pulse oximeter has been able to detect few interference factors, such as light interference, noise interference and low perfusion. The results obtained in this way are relatively accurate and have been recognized by various organizations and authorities.

According to the above article, we can know that there are four kinds of oximeters, each of which is very good. However, comparatively speaking, the pulse oximeter is more accurate, so you can choose the pulse oximeter when you buy.However, the most important thing is to meet their own conditions, so choose oxygen meter should be considered.