Can you take your blood pressure?5 tips for Home blood pressure monitoring


5 tips for Home blood pressure monitoring

1. Family blood pressure monitoring can improve the accuracy of hypertension diagnosis

Systolic blood pressure is the highest level of arterial blood pressure reached when the heart contracts

Diastolic blood pressure is the lowest point at which arterial blood pressure drops when the heart is diastolic

Home blood pressure monitoring can be done at home with more measurements and more days, so it can reflect a person's blood pressure level in daily life more accurately and comprehensively.

Similar to ambutral blood pressure monitoring, home blood pressure monitoring can effectively identify "white coat hypertension" or "white coat uncontrolled hypertension", whose blood pressure rises only in the clinic, and "hidden hypertension" or "hidden uncontrolled hypertension", whose blood pressure rises in the home.

Doctor, it's all right at home. I'm so scared to see you, my blood pressure goes up...

In this way, the potential risk of excessive antihypertensive treatment in patients with "white coat hypertension" can be avoided, and the cardiovascular risk of patients with "hidden hypertension" can also be timely controlled.

Home blood pressure monitoring can not only improve the diagnostic level of hypertension, but also improve the control rate of hypertension.

In addition, it can help hypertensive patients receiving antihypertensive treatment fully understand their blood pressure level, timely detect the uncontrolled blood pressure, and provide basis for adjusting the antihypertensive treatment plan, so as to control the blood pressure to the target level as soon as possible.

2. Family blood pressure monitoring conditions

If an upper arm sphygmomanometer is used for home blood pressure monitoring, the general conditions for measuring blood pressure are approximately similar to those for measuring blood pressure in the clinic.

Sit in a chair with a back and rest for at least 5 minutes before starting to measure blood pressure.

To measure blood pressure, place the forearm on one side of the cuff on the table. The midpoint of the upper arm of the cuff is at the same level as the heart. Relax your legs and land on the floor.

You can also opt for more comfortable seating, such as a lower seat such as a sofa, but make sure the midpoint of the upper arm where the cuff is tied is level with the heart.

3. Choose the right size cuff and airbag

When purchasing a sphygmomanometer, the seller should be required to provide a cuff of the appropriate size that matches the upper arm circumference of the primary user of the sphygmomanometer.

Currently, most electronic sphygmomanometers are equipped with a standard cuff (upper arm circumference & LT;32 cm) and a large cuff for those with large upper arm circumference (upper arm circumference ≥ 32 cm).

4. Record the measured blood pressure

After the measurement, if the electronic sphygmomanometer has the automatic transmission function, the blood pressure measurement results can be automatically transmitted to the corresponding management website, mobile phone application or program for storage and analysis;

If the sphygmomanometer does not have automatic transmission function, the blood pressure measurement results can also be manually entered into the corresponding management website, mobile phone application or program, storage and analysis;

If there is no automatic transmission or manual input of blood pressure measurement results, the measurement results should be recorded in a complete notebook for use when necessary.

Records should include the person's name, date and time of measurement, systolic, diastolic and pulse, and if the sphygmomanometer provides the mean or pulse pressure, they should also be recorded.

With the rapid improvement of wireless communication technology, electronic sphygmomanometer with automatic transmission function has prominent advantages in remote hypertension management and is the preferred choice for family

5.Learn how to use a sphygmomanometer

During or after the purchase of the sphygmomanometer, you should have a detailed understanding of the sphygmomanometer usage. If necessary, you can also seek help from the medical institution to verify or correct the accuracy of the sphygmomanometer.