The spirit of Leyuan intelligent craftsman makes products refined and detailed


For many years, Leyuan Intelligent has been focusing on rigorous and rational children's education products and health products. In fact, these ideas and concepts have a great relationship with the personality of Chairman Lin Zhijian. During the development of the company, he once said that he would only start a business once in his life, and only want to make education and health products, and strive to continuously surpass himself and pursue perfection. It is necessary to cultivate research in the fields of education and health products, and this kind of simple and valuable The spirit, also known as the craftsman spirit.

intelligent products

In the craftsman spirit, persistence is the original intention of the craftsman spirit. For companies, there is no secret to success, but hard work, and constantly summing up experience from failure, learning from failure, this is the result of loyalty and persistence.

For enterprises, craftsmanship is the conscience of modern manufacturing. It is a spiritual symbol that neither defines identity, nor does it define wealth and occupation. Outstanding companies and entrepreneurs with a sense of social responsibility will definitely take the guarantee of product quality as the fundamental, followed by innovation and efficiency improvement. To be able to endure loneliness, to have precipitation, to have perseverance, if you stick to your heart, it can last a hundred years. The spirit of craftsmanship is not a slogan, it exists in everyone and in their hearts. For a long time, it is precisely because of the lack of persistence, pursuit and accumulation of fine products that the road of personal growth has been bumpy and the road of organizational development is full of punishment. This lack also makes lasting innovation extremely difficult, and makes evergreen foundations rare. Therefore, in the post-growth era when resources are increasingly scarce, it is the only way to survive and develop to revive and reshape the spirit of craftsmanship. .

The design concept and manufacturing spirit of Leyuan's educational products have always been integrated into the craftsman spirit. In the process of product development and production, Leyuan Education is committed to exploring the ultimate smart product experience that perfectly integrates humans and nature, bringing product design and quality standards to the market, allowing Leyuan to make intelligent products that benefit the public.