Congratulations to Heyuan Leyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. for obtaining the appearance design patent certificate of the National Property Office


In such a highly competitive market, our company has always been firm in its direction, based on honesty, insisting on providing customers with transparent and reasonable products and prices, and continuously enhancing technical services, so that customers can buy high-quality and assured products

At the same time, respecting intellectual property rights and increasing product innovation has always been the concept of our company’s technological reforms. In the past year, our company has continuously upgraded products. In order to increase the protection of intellectual property rights, we have specially implemented products. In addition to patent applications, we have recently won 3 patent certificates, which not only demonstrates our company’s technical strength, but also provides legal protection for subsequent product development.

The acquisition of the patent certificate is not only conducive to improving the intellectual property protection system, giving play to the company's independent intellectual property advantages, but also enhancing the company's core competitiveness. On the basis of obtaining existing patents, our company will vigorously deepen product reform, focus on strengthening the protection and application of intellectual property rights, speed up product innovation, and promote the transformation of results.

Sphygmomanometer design certificate