LOYE Adhere to innovation-driven, take root in the real economy, and achieve leapfrog development


LOYE is a brand of Shenzhen LOYE Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 2009, LOYE Industrial Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Bantian, Longgang, and the production park is in Heyuan. It integrates the research and development, production and sales of new consumer products such as photoelectric display products, intelligent early education products, VR, and health protection products. Large high-tech enterprises.

In the course of more than 10 years of development, LOYE has always rooted in the real economy and market-oriented. While insisting on creating professional electronic education products, it is also carrying out a diversified layout. After the outbreak this year, LOYE set its sights on the big health field, providing users with a variety of health protection products, which have been loved by users.

For a long time, LOYE adheres to innovation-driven, always puts product research and development investment in the first place, and provides users with many innovative and high-tech products, which have been recognized by users.

From a rural child to the chairman of a large high-tech company

Lin Zhijian, Chairman of Leyuan Company, was born in Heyuan rural area and is an authentic rural baby. People in Heyuan have a tradition of hard work and hard work. Lin Zhijian, like his name, has the belief of "firm-will and self-improvement". He wanted to do a big business since he was a child, and his original ideal was to help the villagers get rid of poverty and become rich. Beginning in the 1990s, Shenzhen and Heyuan “became a bond” because of counterpart assistance, and it became a fashion for Heyuan people to go to Shenzhen to pursue their dreams. After 2000, Lin Zhijian came to Shenzhen to work. At the beginning, he was just a small clerk in a company. Considering that Shenzhen's electronics industry was booming at that time, Lin Zhijian keenly felt that there was a huge market gathering, so he resigned Stable clerk work, went to Huaqiangbei electronics industry as a grassroots clerk.

From 2000 to 2009, Lin Zhijian worked on the front line for 9 years, allowing him to develop a tougher entrepreneurial officer character and a more sensitive market sense. In 2009, Lin Zhijian established Shenzhen Leyuan Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Leyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.) in Longgang, a treasured area of Longgang, to formally enter the optoelectronic display industry. During the development of the company, Lin Zhijian felt more and more that the artificial intelligence industry is gaining momentum, "the next frontier in the manufacturing industry is in the field of artificial intelligence." Determined his goal, he began to plan a bigger move to expand the children's intelligent education industry.

Among the company's product lines, a core keyword is "education." Leyuan's consumer-grade digital electronic products and smart hardware products basically have the function of education. Leyuan people take the mission of bringing a happy childhood to children around the world, the vision of building a world-renowned brand, and the values of diligence and love. They are committed to the development of children's intelligent products, the production of children's original content, and the operation of children's digital content platform. Contribute to the development of children's physical and mental health and quality education.

In 2016, Leyuan Heyuan Industrial Park, covering an area of 11,780 square meters, was officially completed. Lin Zhijian invested heavily to introduce advanced production equipment from abroad, built 4 dust-free workshops and 8 production lines including intelligent production lines, and laid out the manufacturing industry , Optimizing the real economy and forming the "Shenzhen Longgang Headquarters + Heyuan Base" model. Also in this year, Leyuan LOYE products obtained the national compulsory 3C certification, and Xiaole's intelligent educational robot entered the market and took the first step into its own brand.

Intelligent educational equipment

Since then, Leyuan's development momentum can be described as indomitable and invincible. Under the leadership of Chairman Lin Zhijian, Leyuan has become a famous brand in Guangdong Province, a well-known brand in Shenzhen, Baiyou products in Longgang District, and a high-tech enterprise. In recent years, Leyuan’s firepower has been fully deployed and the “sea, land, and air” three-dimensional sales network has been deployed: online stationed on Tmall, JD.com, Dangdang, Amazon, etc.; offline with Carrefour, Gome, Tianhong, Maoye, Leyu, Redbaby, and Major shopping malls cooperate; 265 national agents have been signed, and there are more than 2,000 channels in the country.

"In 2016, the sales of Leyuan Intelligent Educational Robots were 600,000 yuan, 2017 sales were 6 million yuan, 2018 sales were 60 million yuan, and sales in 2019 exceeded 600 million yuan." Lin Zhijian told reporters that Xiaole intelligent educational robots The popularity of consumers and the explosive growth of market sales are inseparable from the strong support of Longgang District Government and related departments in terms of discount loans, talent subsidies, and high-tech enterprise identification.

Leyuan develops a big health industry to escort people's health

This year's sudden epidemic disrupted the production rhythm of many companies, and the original production plan was almost at a standstill. Lin Zhijian said that the epidemic has caused Leyuan to suffer an unprecedented crisis, and the national market has basically stagnated. Intelligent children's educational robots worth more than 20 million yuan can only be kept in the warehouse. But every crisis is an opportunity for leapfrog development. In 2019, Leyuan was ready to enter the big health industry, and completed the design of the forehead thermometer mold in October of that year. The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic can be said to accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading.

Lin Zhijian introduced that with the support of government departments, Leyuan obtained the product registration certificate, production license and other approval procedures for the thermometer in a short time, and was included in the fifth batch of Guangdong's list of key enterprises for local epidemic prevention and control, and Become a "whitelist" enterprise for my country's medical device product registration certificate.

With these "passports", Leyuan let go of its hands and feet, bucked the trend, and made every effort to upgrade the health industry. At present, Leyuan Health series products have covered forehead thermometers, oral thermometers, sphygmomanometers, blood oximeters, disposable medical masks, etc.

"From February to March, although the factory worked overtime every day to rush to work, it was still surrounded by trucks rushing to pick up the goods. The supply of our forehead thermometers was in short supply!" On the afternoon of September 18, Lin Zhijian seemed to be still thinking of the scene at that time. "yesterday".

In Lin Zhijian's view, as long as you "grind tofu" sincerely, you will surely be able to sell Longgang's famous and high-quality products. “Originally affected by the epidemic, we were unable to work. Now it is Leyuan employees who have not taken a day off from February to today.” Lin Zhijian believes that the reason why Leyuan’s upgrade of the health industry this year has been very smooth is because of the top 11 The Leyuan real economy and manufacturing industry in 2010 laid a good foundation. "The current sales of Leyuan thermometers have exceeded 600 million yuan, and the annual sales are expected to exceed 1 billion yuan." Lin Zhijian said.

Driven by "Dual Core", Leading by Innovation, Realizing Diversified Leap-forward Development

Regarding the future development of Leyuan, Lin Zhijian also has an in-depth layout. From the unipolar growth of "education" to the dual-core drive of "education + health", Leyuan is in the next big game. Lin Zhijian has been thinking about the future development direction of Leyuan, and the latest strategic goal formulated now is: to fully benchmark Omron, Yuyue Medical, Xiaomi and other internationally renowned companies, and enter the smart hardware industry.

Lin Zhijian said that corporate character and culture such as focus, professionalism, and resilience can completely achieve the established strategic goals. We have the foundation and confidence, and we stand on the shoulders of giants and look up at the stars.

Leyuan already has a solid foundation in children's education, electronic consumption, smart hardware and other fields. On this basis, Leyuan adheres to innovation-driven, market-led, promotes a diversified development strategy, and achieves leapfrog development of the enterprise .