Notes On The Use Of Children Tablet Learning PC


Any improper use of electronic products will bring about large and small problems: physiological problems and psychological problems, the so-called visible and invisible problems, these will have an impact on the child's future physical and mental development. In real life, many children have a variety of bad habits in using Children Tablet Learning PC, and parents are worried. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following points:

1. How to use

Sit upright, use the tool to prop up the Children Tablet Learning PC at an appropriate angle, the screen is slightly lower than the eyes and 60-80 cm away from the eyes, in order to prevent myopia and affect the development of the neck and shoulders.

2. Duration

You must have self-control, parents should supervise, appropriately limit and reduce the use time of Children Tablet Learning PC, to avoid all-weather, addicted to this. In addition, blink your eyes from time to time to prevent the children's eye health from being affected by staring at the screen for too long. It is best to relax your eyes every half an hour, look at the distance or do eye exercises.

3. Place of use

It is forbidden for children to bring Children Tablet Learning PC to places such as schools that are beyond the scope of parental monitoring, otherwise it will affect the child's normal learning, and at the same time, it is not encouraged to let children play Children Tablet Learning PC during bedtime. On the contrary, children should be encouraged to take part in outdoor sports to make them healthy physically and mentally, and at the same time pay attention to developing children's communication skills. Parents can also actively participate to promote mutual feelings.