Why Can I Wear Disposable KN95 Mask During The COVID-19 Epidemic?


1. The transmission of COVID-19 requires a host medium. Once it leaves the body of the host (such as animals and humans), it will die in a short time, but the virus can spread through contact (such as hand pollution), droplet transmission, etc., where coughing, Speech, droplets generated when sneezing is the main carrier of transmission. If a COVID-19 carrier sneezes in a confined space (such as trains and airplanes), the flying droplets are easily inhaled by another person and may be infected. Therefore, it is necessary to wear Disposable KN95 Mask for protection.

2. Because the virus and its transmission medium (droplets) also exist in the form of particles, and the diameter of the particles is relatively small, the Disposable KN95 Mask filtering mechanism is to filter these fine particles through high-performance filter materials in the mask. In the efficiency test method, the particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 0.3 microns are used uniformly. This size is the most difficult to filter out of the particles with a known normal distribution. At the same time, Disposable KN95 Mask has strict requirements for its adhesion. Therefore, wearing the Disposable KN95 Mask correctly can reduce the exposure level of pathogenic microorganisms in the air and effectively prevent viruses from entering the human body from the respiratory tract. However, wearers of Disposable KN95 Mask should also pay attention to the prevention of hands, eyes, etc. to avoid infection through other channels.