What Is A Children Tablet Learning PC


Children's tablet computer, as the name suggests, is a small, portable tablet computer suitable for children. People mainly use it to assist children's early learning and quality education for children. Instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse, the touch screen is its input center. Its commonly used input tools are: stylus or digital pen, soft keyboard on the screen, voice recognition.

Classification by structural design

"Variable children's tablet" with integrated keyboard and "pure children's tablet" with external keyboard.

Classified by touch screen

Single-touch resistive touch screen and two-touch capacitive touch screen. With the rapid popularization of children's tablet computers, people have higher and higher requirements for various functions, and there is an urgent need for manufacturers to improve their functions. Compared with the traditional single-point touch screen, the multi-point touch screen has a unique advantage in this respect, and can meet the basic needs of children, especially in the interaction of courses.