LOYE Medical Thermometer-Help the world to prevent the second largest offensive in the fall and winter epidemic


At present, countries or regions with severe Novel coronavirus pneumonia in the world (such as the United States, Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico, and the Middle East) are about to usher in high temperatures in summer and high humidity in rainy seasons. What is worse is that the governments of these countries are in a hurry to fully resume work for various reasons. Resumption of production, it is foreseeable that these countries will definitely introduce a series of stricter prevention and control measures, and the forehead temperature gun that can pass the test of high temperature and high humidity weather will be indispensable for these countries to carry out epidemic prevention and control. Tools, so a new wave of overseas market demand will place more stringent requirements on the accuracy and quality of Chinese-produced temperature guns, especially the temperature measurement accuracy for different skin colors in high-temperature environments.


The second wave of Novel coronavirus pneumonia in autumn and winter this year,LOYE medical thermometers must ensure that the forehead temperature gun can still work normally or enter the normal working state quickly at minus 20-40 degrees storage or working environment temperature. Leyuan infrared thermometers not only It is necessary to select components that meet the wide temperature requirements, and the quality of infrared thermopile sensors will also have higher requirements.


Medical equipment is the most stringent quality management for every link of production. If you need the cooperation of a high-temperature laboratory, even if you work at an ambient temperature of 40 degrees, the temperature measurement accuracy can still reach ±0.2 degrees, and the anti-static impact capability , Anti-EMI/EMC capability, wide temperature and high humidity reliability and other performance indicators industry leading position.


Advantages of LOYE medical thermometer (forehead thermometer)


1、Using a higher-quality high-sensitivity infrared thermopile sensor, it can not only work reliably in high-humidity weather environments, but also has high sensitivity. Even if it works in 35 to 45 degrees high temperature weather, the temperature measurement accuracy can still reach plus or minus 0.2


2、Sensitivity and consistency, high temperature performance is particularly outstanding, the accuracy of temperature measurement at 40 degrees high temperature can still reach plus or minus 0.2 degrees. In addition, the actual measurement results show that in the high temperature application environment above 38 degrees, its detection output voltage characteristic linearity is very good, and the temperature compensation algorithm is used to calibrate the temperature measurement accuracy.


3、Adopting the ability to work normally at an ambient temperature of minus 20 degrees Considering that the forehead gun may be used in countries or regions with low latitudes in winter (such as Russia and Northern Europe, northern regions, etc.), its application ambient temperature may be as low as minus 20 degrees to 45 Degrees, so the operating temperature range must be -20 degrees to +85 degrees, especially infrared thermopile sensors.


4、High-precision ADC. In India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East where the ambient temperature is high, a good ADC is required for high-precision signal processing to meet the requirements. The core of the frontal temperature gun of LOYE uses an external ADC with more than 18 bits.