Precautions For Reading Pen


Reading Pen is a precision early childhood education product. It is equipped with a high-speed camera device at the position of the pen of the Reading Pen. The outside is protected by a hard plastic casing.

How to protect the pen tip and increase the service life, Friends of Learning has listed the following five precautions for everyone, and hope that Reading Pen can better help children learn knowledge.

1. Do not allow the reading pen to enter the water;

In this way, water will enter the circuit board, which is a feature that any electronic product must pay attention to, and it will damage the camera lens. Once the camera lens is stuck with dirt, it will greatly reduce the reading sensitivity of the Reading Pen. Replace the camera to solve the above problems.

2. Dont point the Reading Pen at the TV screen;

Especially for CRT TVs, the TV screen has a high-speed electronic scanning line and produces a large intensity of light at close range. If you place the Reading Pens point-reading camera against the TV screen, the high-intensity light The sense will burn the camera's photosensitive IC, and parents should especially guide their children to pay attention to it during use.

3. Don't force the head of the Reading Pen against the gravity of a hard object;

Vigorous impact can easily cause damage to the protective casing of the point reading pen camera. When the protective head of the reading pen is damaged, the reading pen camera is susceptible to impact and damages the solder joints and lines, which is also crucial.

4. Reading Pen should be charged in time when the battery is low;

If the reading pen is not charged for a long period of time (more than three months), it will easily damage the built-in lithium battery, so that it cannot be charged.

5. Use Reading Pen correctly;

Reading Pen is a small learning computer. Normally, abnormal use will occasionally cause the Reading Pen to crash. Generally, this situation rarely occurs. In this case, please use a toothpick or other pointed objects to reset the Reading Pen reset switch (a small hole) A few seconds, or plug in the power charger and charge for a few seconds, it will be reset and restarted, and the Reading Pen will return to normal use.