Disposable Children Face Mask Should Pay Attention To What Aspects


1. Protection performance. Disposable Children Face Mask is divided into two types according to performance. The protective Disposable Children Face Mask is mainly three-dimensional. It is suitable for medium pollution or potential medium risk environments, such as stations, public transportation, supermarkets and other scenes during events such as smog and high flu season. Hygienic Disposable Children Face Mask, mainly flat type, can be used in low-pollution or low-risk environments, such as restaurants, classrooms, dormitories and other scenes during daily colds, flu and other events. Compared with the adult population mask, the standard protection performance of the Disposable Children Face Mask is not lower than the protection index of the adult population mask.

2. Comfortable performance. Compared with adults, the development of heart and lung function in children aged 6-14 is very different, especially in young children, the heart and lung function is weak and the damage is irreversible. The Disposable Children Face Mask standard greatly reduces the respiratory resistance and ventilation resistance indicators. At the same time, the standard recommends the use of adjustable mask belts to fully improve the children's wearing comfort.

3. Safety performance. Considering that children's skin is delicate and the risk awareness is weak, compared with adult masks, Disposable Children Face Mask has higher requirements on the performance of possible mechanical damage in the design of masks, such as nose clips, breathing valves, etc., all have higher requirements. In addition, restrictions on the use of chemical substances have also increased the requirements. For example, a chemical used for sterilization, ethylene oxide, the Disposable Children Face Mask standard greatly raises the limit of the residual amount of ethylene oxide. The specified limit is not more than 2μg/g, which is higher than that of adults. The mask is much lower; moreover, the standard Disposable Children Face Mask will never allow the detection of migratable fluorescent whitening substances.