Leyuan L8 smart speaker evaluation: both a smart screen speaker and an AI early education machine


Now, the concept of artificial intelligence has been accepted by more and more companies and users. With the advent of intelligence, various electronic consumer products have begun to upgrade. Compared with traditional products, intelligent products are more suitable for our lives and can bring many practical functions, so they are more popular with users.

In the case of speakers, the traditional speakers have a single function and are basically used for listening to music. Although some speakers can be plugged in or connected via Bluetooth, the usage scenarios are still limited and cannot meet the multi-purpose needs of users.

The emergence of smart speakers is undoubtedly a subversion of the traditional speaker market. Smart speakers have more comprehensive functions, diverse usage scenarios, and voice recognition. The operating experience is unmatched by traditional speakers. As a new speaker category, smart speakers should be selected?

If you want to choose a smart speaker, you can start from the following four aspects:

1 If users choose smart speakers, they can start with the diversity of functions and the comprehensiveness of usage scenarios. Smart speakers are different from traditional speakers. Traditional speakers can only solve the needs of hearing, while most smart speakers can solve the needs of hearing + vision (some smart speakers do not have a screen); traditional speakers do not have an APP, but smart speakers do. There is a dedicated APP. After the smart speaker is connected to the network, users can enjoy many functions through the speaker, such as watching movies and TV dramas, watching opera, learning and education, listening to stories and other entertainment, education and other functions. These are things that traditional speakers cannot do.

2 Diversity of operating experience. Traditional speakers are basically operated by buttons, while smart speakers can be operated wirelessly and by voice.

3 The sound quality level is also a key factor for users to choose smart speakers. Although smart speakers have the title of smart, they are still speakers in essence. Therefore, sound quality is also an important measurement factor.

4 The screen, material, and battery life of smart speakers are also important criteria for users to choose. Smart speakers are all equipped with screens. The quality of the screen and the operating experience should all be considered.

At present, the hot-selling smart speakers with screens on the market include Xiaodu smart screen X8 speakers, Leyuan L8 smart speakers and other products. Today, I will bring you the evaluation experience of Leyuan L8 smart speakers. Through the evaluation, see what are the highlights of the Leyuan L8 smart speaker, whether it meets the above four standards, and what are the advantages compared to the Xiaodu smart screen X8 speaker.

One industrial design

The design of the Leyuan L8 smart speaker is bright in color, the case is white, the screen frame is black, and the bottom of the front is red. The logo of Leyuan is displayed on the bottom area of the front, along with patterns.

The overall shape of the Leyuan L8 presents an italic design with a 105° screen inclination. The shape is novel and unique, which is very suitable for viewing on a table, conforms to the human viewing comfort, and makes the visual effect feel better. There are sound holes on the left and right sides of the speaker

There is a front camera at the top of the screen with 2 million pixels. Parents can video chat with their children through this camera. Parents can also use this camera to monitor the situation at home.

The top of the speaker is the control area, with a three-key one-character layout, the middle button is the power button, and the left side is the volume down button, which is the volume up button. They are all large buttons with a comfortable feel. The power button is recessed. The volume buttons are convex design, which can be controlled blindly, and the buttons are loosely distributed for easy control. And there are four pickup microphones, which improves the sensitivity of