Comparison of smart speakers with screen: What are the main differences between Leyuan L8 and Xiaodu X8?


Nowadays, there are many forms of smart speakers on the market, some with a display screen, and some without a display screen. Representative products with display screens include: Xiaodu X8 smart speakers, Leyuan L8 smart education speakers, and so on. Representative products without a display include: Tmall Genie, Jingdong Dingdong 2nd Generation, Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker and so on. Is it a smart speaker with a screen? Is it better to have no screen? There is actually no absolute standard for this, and everyone's preferences are different.There are two different types of smart speakers with and without screens. If you need to compare, it is best to compare between the same type. The two smart speakers with screens introduced earlier, Xiaodu X8 and Leyuan L8, are currently very popular smart speakers. Xiaobian is using these two speakers. What are the main differences between them?

In terms of appearance design, the two speakers are similar in shape. The length, width and height of Xiaodu X8 is 200*115*196mm, while the length, width and height of Leyuan L8 is 225*100*180, and the volume is similar

In terms of screen, the Xiaodu X8 uses an 8-inch screen, while the Leyuan L8 uses a 9-inch screen. The Leyuan L8 has a larger display range and better visual effects.

In terms of storage, Xiaodu X8 uses a 1G+8G memory combination, while Leyuan L8 uses a 2G+16GB large memory combination. Obviously, Leyuan L8 is even better in terms of storage.

As a speaker, the sound quality performance is what many people care about. Leyuan L8 pays particular attention to expressiveness in sound quality. The Leyuan L8 uses a 10W high-power high-quality neodymium iron boron unit, the sound quality is more full and shocking, the bass is surging and shocking, the mid and high frequencies are full and mellow, clear and transparent. The most important thing is that the Leyuan L8 can bring users to the scene. The sense of presence, whether watching movies or listening to music, allows users to enjoy home theater-like enjoyment. In contrast, although the Xiaodu X8 uses an 8W neodymium iron boron unit, the sound quality details are slightly