The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Finger Pulse Oximeter



1. Finger Pulse Oximeter small size, no cable, easy to carry

2. Easy operation: just one step, insert your finger into Finger Pulse Oximeter, intelligent automatic start-up monitoring, take out the machine with finger, automatically shut down to save power.

3. Finger Pulse Oximeter has rich monitoring functions: blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, blood perfusion index (reflects the blood perfusion condition of the measurement site, the greater the pulsating blood flow, the more pulsating components, the greater the PI value , The higher the accuracy of measuring blood oxygen saturation).

4. Bluetooth data transmission: Through Bluetooth transmission, realize the simultaneous display and mass storage of data Finger Pulse Oximeter on the mobile phone.

5. Shading design: The shading design effectively shields the interference of ambient light to the measurement of Finger Pulse Oximeter.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: with power management function, automatic shutdown without signal in 8 seconds, and battery power management.

7. Medical grade products, with medical device registration certificate.


1. Non-rechargeable: Use two AAA batteries, which can be measured continuously for about 30 hours.

2. Easy to fall off: The Finger Pulse Oximeter plus two No. 7 batteries are clamped on the finger, the weight is relatively large, the finger bears a lot, and it is easy to fall off during sleep monitoring.

3. Not very comfortable: wear Finger Pulse Oximeter for a long time, clip on your fingers, it hurts, and the comfort is not high.