How To Wear Gauze Mask Correctly


Wearing gauze masks is one of the most effective preventive measures to isolate viruses and prevent influenza. However, wearing masks should also pay attention to techniques and methods. Incorrect use of masks not only does not protect, but also increases the possibility of virus transmission.

How to wear gauze mask correctly:

1. The mask should be worn properly, the upper edge should be worn above the bridge of the nose, completely cover the mouth and nose, and there should be no gaps around. Do not wear too low, or the mask straps are too loose, or too high. Children may feel difficulty breathing when wearing masks, and parents should communicate with their children in a timely manner. It is worth noting that once the mask is removed, the side worn on the inside of the mouth and nose should be folded inwards, put in a clean pocket, or put in a clean plastic bag for use. The health department reminds that wearing a mask correctly can play a certain role, but wearing a mask can not fully protect against infectious diseases. Therefore, other precautions should be taken at the same time, such as washing hands frequently, keeping distance from patients, and avoiding places where people gather. Measures.

2. Go to the crowds and wear masks again. Healthy people do not need to wear masks in their daily lives. Wear a mask to prevent exposure to droplets containing influenza A virus. Healthy people isolate patients with flu-like symptoms at home, close contact with people with cold symptoms, or have to go to hospitals, train stations, etc., where there is a high risk of infection It is only necessary to wear masks in public places; or in areas where the epidemic of A-flu is severe.

3. Disposable medical masks should be replaced every day. Wearing a mask does not completely stop the spread of the virus in the crowd. Citizens should not relax their vigilance after wearing a mask and ignore important preventive measures such as frequent hand washing. Citizens are invited to buy regular medical masks in regular pharmacies, and to grasp the correct use method is an economical and effective way of prevention.