For children to take online lessons and review after class, this AI robot is enough


Is the effect of children's online lessons not good enough? Can't review well after class? Parents must first understand these
 Don't choose mobile phone or IPAD anymore

We all know that with the development of the times, the entertainment functions of electronic products are becoming stronger and stronger, and children are particularly proficient in the use of such products, so children should avoid direct use of entertaining electronic products in the process of online learning. (Such as IPAD, mobile phone, etc.), it is best to use other smart devices to turn class into a serious and standardized class, so that children understand that the focus of attention during this time period is highly concentrated and can only focus on the content of the course.

Second, there must be a complete lesson review plan
1. A relatively complete timetable should not only cover the overall monthly arrangement, but also the detailed planning every month, every day and every hour.
2. There should be room for reviewing the plan, and don't be "full of calculations". For example, reviewing mathematics at 7 o'clock in the evening and reviewing English at 8 o'clock in the evening. This arrangement is too tight and there should be a buffer. For example, from 7 to 8 is math time, and after 8:15 it is reserved for English. In this way, drink saliva after the math review, take a break, and don't "spin". Moreover, there is room to ensure the completion of the previous section of the plan. Or take the math review from 7 to 8 as an example. What if the time is up, but there is still one problem that has not been completed? With 15 minutes of leeway, the child can solve specific problems concretely without causing impetuous emotions.
3. Teach children how to give up when carrying out the plan. Some students are reluctant, such as when they encounter two difficult problems when reviewing mathematics, they have no ideas for an hour, but they have to do it, and they have to take it all night. As a result, these two questions did not show up, and other subjects were also delayed. Children's emotions are inevitably affected. For such a child, parents need to tell him to put these two questions aside, first complete the plans for other subjects, and finally if there is time left, then go back and deal with the previous "legacy problems", if there is no time, just Do it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
4. The review plan should be comprehensive. Some candidates review subjects they like first, and subjects they dislike first; some candidates review their strengths first, and the review of weaknesses is affected, leading to stronger strengths, and weaknesses that have not been substantive. Improvement. In fact, every candidate has his own strengths and weaknesses. The correct approach is to strengthen the strengths and make up for the weaknesses.