"The child was beaten" Dad walked away silently with tears


After having a child, I know that being a woman is not easy; after the child goes to school, I know that being a parent is even more difficult!
Working with my children every day is the most troublesome and painful thing for me. It is driving people crazy!
When doing homework, play with an eraser for a while and a pencil for a while. Sometimes just holding a ruler and tapping on the table can be a long time. Half an hour's homework takes 2-3 hours to complete. I often get in a daze, just can't calm down to do my homework! Without the help of me and his dad, he had to write his homework until 11pm or even later! Every time I have to half-dead myself with anger!


I thought it would be better at school, but the teacher came to "sue": the homework in class is the last one to complete every time. I have told him a lot of questions and still can’t write, the grades are poor, and the procrastination is serious. You have to ask the teacher to remind you, the teacher said, if this continues, you may have to repeat the grade!
Hearing this, his father and I were panicked. Once I beat the child, his father saw that he walked away in tears. In order to keep the child from losing at the starting line, he tried his best to help him find a well-known tutoring agency and tutor, hoping to make up his grades, but it all backfired.


Finally, through the introduction of friends around the Leyuan Educational Robot.