Visible strength! Heyuan Loye Industrial Robot Software Development" course, to create a new type of Internet talent!


In your daily life, you must have seen these scenes: when you enter a shopping mall or a bank, there will be robots to help you solve problems. During the epidemic, Vulcan Mountain Hospital uses robots to deliver meals to patients, new logistics companies, and robots automatically sort goods. ...

These scenes that were previously only seen in movies have now gradually been integrated into our lives. The appearance of robots inadvertently brought earth-shaking changes to our lives.

The intelligent robot industry continues to exert strength, and the construction of technological infrastructure will probably stimulate China's tens of trillions of economic volume in the future. It will also promote the rapid development of the intelligent robot industry, and related technologies will usher in new opportunities.

Multiple technical blessings

The intelligent service robot industry, which aggregates core technologies in "new infrastructure" such as 5G, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data centers, has become a hot spot for giant companies and is regarded as the key to affecting the pattern of the technology industry in the next ten years .

Wide range of applications

Intelligent robots have a wide range of application fields, including application scenarios such as autonomous driving, food delivery robots, smart logistics, vending machines, smart shopping malls, etc. The rapid development of the smart robot industry has attracted great attention from countries all over the world.

In the field of intelligent robot industry, there are a wide range of possible employment directions, such as image recognition processing, spatial positioning and detection, automatic driving, motion planning and control, SLAM navigation, digital twin simulation modeling, etc.

It is estimated that by 2025, the talent gap in the new generation of information technology industry will exceed 9 million.

With national key investment, large market scale, wide application fields, and large talent gap, no matter which direction you consider, intelligent robots will be an industry in the future.

Heyuan Loye Industrial Intelligent Robot Software Development

In the technical fields of new infrastructure and digitization, Heyuan Loye Industrial has deepened the cultivation of digital professionals and digital application talents, keeping up with the trend of the times, and timely launching the "Intelligent Robot Software Development" course to help create AI+Robot new industrial Internet talents.

Heyuan Loye Industrial's intelligent robot software development courses cover the core technical points required by enterprises. The courses include Python and C++ application programming, robot operating systems, motion planning and robotic arm control, machine vision, deep learning, SLAM and other stage courses.

Heyuan Loye Industrial has invested millions of dollars to build an enterprise-level practical operation environment, including 3D point cloud and applications, industrial software virtual simulation projects, artificial intelligence and image recognition applications, medicine + logistics warehousing automation sorting, automatic driving, machine vision guided laser Project courses such as processing, indoor navigation and mapping software and hardware actual combat.