Advantages of LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speaker compared with Baidu "X8"​


Advantages of LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speaker  compared with Baidu "X8"

Why is it said that LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speaker is better than Baidu "Xiadu X8"! !

1LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speaker 9 inch HD display

Intelligent screen

2LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speaker 5000 mAh large capacity battery

Intelligent sound

3、LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speakerLarge memory 2+16, with memory expansion function

4、LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speakerSuper  shocking sound quality, clear and beautiful mid-to-high frequency, distinct layers, and the human voice is real! The low frequency is thick and powerful!

Intelligent learning classroom

5、LOYE "Xiaolejia" Smart video speaker Massive free K12 learning content