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Arm sphygmomanometer

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Arm sphygmomanometer

Before using an arm blood pressure meter to measure blood pressure, relax and sit still for more than 3 minutes

Use an arm blood pressure meter to wrap the armband around the left arm, 2-3 cm away from the elbow joint

Use an arm-type arm blood pressure meter to maintain the correct measurement posture. Place your arm on the table naturally with your palm facing up to ensure that the armband is at the same height as your heart

Turn on the switch of using arm blood pressure meter, keep quiet, do not speak or move your arm until the sphygmomanometer measurement report

1. When using an arm blood pressure meter, maintain a uniform measurement posture every day, that is, the same arm
2. Keep a time measurement every day. For example, before getting up or going to bed, hypertensive patients are advised to use an arm blood pressure meter before taking the medicine.
3. For the elderly, people after surgery, people with diabetes, people with severe hyperemia, etc., please choose an arm blood pressure meter under the guidance of a doctor 

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